Exercise Therapy

Many health conditions can be treated effectively, or at least in part, with exercise programmes. This does not have to be high intensity running or gym routines, it may be something as simple as making adjustments to your daily routines to increase your activity levels. Being accountable to a Health Consultant and setting small, achievable goals together can be very effective and rewarding. 

Therapy for Rehabilitation

It may also be helpful to work with a Health Consultant if you are recovering from illness or injury and have had to adjust your ‘normal’ sport or exercise habits. This might be because you are recovering from surgery or treatment and are struggling to re-adjust, or simply do not have the confidence to return to your usual routines.

There are many factors to rehabilitation, and often for people that are involved in sport, injury and readjustment can be a difficult time, especially missing the routine of training and the social interaction that accompanies sport. Changing performance levels and retirement can also be challenging and working with a Health Consultant can also help to navigate this transition period.   

Walking Therapy

Walking Therapy has been shown to be an effective means of psychological intervention and a Health Consultant is ideally suited to delivering this form of therapy. In essence, it combines walking and psychological therapy to aid the client in improving their physical and psychological health. 


The initial 50 minute consultation costs £30.00 followed by the six week program which is £300.00, this includes 6 x 50 minute sessions. If clients choose to continue regular sessions then these are payable at £50.00 per 50 minute session. 


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