GCSE and A-Level

I offer online tutoring for GCSE and A-Level PE and Psychology, these being my Masters level subjects. I am familiar with the exam specifications for the main exam boards and offer either one off sessions to work through a problem area or regular sessions. These can be arranged after school or during school study periods. I am experienced in working with adolescents and young adults and building a relationship with them to help achieve their goals. I am creative in my teaching methods and can often find a different way of explaining a problem area to develop understanding. I find working with pupils of this age is a positive and rewarding experience and have often helped direct students in their subject and career choices, sometimes helping them to develop an enthusiasm for a subject area they maybe had not previously considered or heard of. 


I am able to help students with their EPQ projects, being involved at any stage of the process from the initial development of a research question and planning the study, through to the final write up and proof reading. I also have experience of presenting research and can therefore help with planning the presentation element too.

UCAS, Apprenticeship and Job Applications  

Over the years I have helped a number of students with their applications for University, Apprenticeships and Jobs. It is helpful to spend some time generating ideas about what they have to write about themselves and then formulating a plan as to how to structure and script the application; also offering proof reading and editing advice. It is important that individuals take ownership of their own application process as it is their future they are shaping, therefore I don’t write applications on their behalf but work with them so that they represent themselves in the best possible light. 


All tutoring is charged at £30.00 per 50 minute session payable at the start. Feedback to parents / carers is offered free of charge either by phone or email.