Child and Adolescent Health

Childhood, and in particular adolescence, is a period of significant change and development, both physically and psychologically. Biological, psychological and social factors can all play a part in this process and how the child or adolescent navigates their way through this time. 

It can often be an uncertain period leading to anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of interest and motivation and sometimes unhealthy behaviours. 

Therapeutic Interventions

It may be helpful for the child or adolescent to work with a Health Behaviour Consultant to try and adopt more positive behaviours or thought processes, or even just to understand the changes that are taking place both for them and their peers. 

An increased understanding alongside tools to address problematic thoughts and behaviours can help to make this period of time more manageable for both the individual and their family.   

Parents and Carers

Whilst change is not easy for the child or adolescent it is also difficult for parents and carers. Therefore they may find it helpful to develop a deeper understanding of the process of change and mechanisms that can be used to appropriately support their children during this period. 


The initial 90 minute assessment consultation costs £100.00 followed by the six week program which is £450.00, this includes 6 x 50 minute sessions. If clients choose to continue regular sessions then these are payable at £75.00 per 50 minute session.